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Struggling with Watering

My struggle last year was when it came to water the garden.  I knew the importance of not watering in the middle of the day when it is super hot out.  So this year, I decided to get a soaker hose and a timer.  I set it all up yesterday and turned it on and after 2 hours, there was nothing but a few little spots of water.  Not only that but the timer didn’t seem to work.  I re-read the box, and that timer, it turns out, doesn’t work with drip-line systems.  Drat.  Gotta go back to the hardware store today.

I just went out and turned on the tap (without the timer), and I’m hoping that I’ll get more than just a few spots.  Otherwise, I’ll have to come up with a whole new system.   Anyone have any ideas??


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Growing Wheat

After chatting with some friends about what to plant in our new planter (claw foot tub),  we’re thinking about planting a little bit of Red Fife Wheat.  I found a post on growing wheat in an urban setting here.

My favourite part is when it comes time to separate the wheat from the chaff, you get some friends, they each hold a corner of the bed sheet and you toss the wheat up in the air and catch it again until all you have left is the wheat.  This makes me think of being in elementary school and playing with the rainbow coloured parachute.

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Easter Weekend

It’s Easter weekend here on the west coast and I was hoping it would be a lot warmer by now.  The cherry trees are in full bloom, but it’s still cold and rainy.

We’ve been working in our garden for a couple of weeks now.   Whenever we get a sunny stretch, really.  It’s been double-dug for the most part.

We planted our parsnips, carrots, turnips, peas, kale, swiss chard, asparagus, rhubarb and potatoes.

The garlic is coming up.  I’m concerned that I kept too much mulch on it for too long.  There’s only four or five sprouts coming up of the 3 bulbs I planted in the fall.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s hoping I wasn’t too optimistic with planting so early.

In othernews, I now have a claw footed bathtub on my back patio I need to plant something in….

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Getting Started

Back in January, pvh and I went to our local Seedy Saturday and bought loads of seeds.  We took them back to our place and met up with some friends and did some trading.  We found that each packet contained way more seeds than we would need in our little back yard garden plot.  So by trading with friends, we’ve ended up with a lot more variety.

Some that I am most excited about are the Walking Stick Cabbages, the bush peas, and the carrots.

Last week we started the cabbage and lots of tomatoes inside on our window sill.  We didn’t use a growlight or a heating pad.  They’re getting a little leggy.  Next year, or even later this season we might try to find a cheap growlight.

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