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West Coast Hippie

My sister is visiting from Ontario this week before Peter and I get married.

It is so lovely to see her.  She, like me, has spent most of her life here on the West Coast.  She moved to Ontario 3 years ago, and comes back to visit regularly.

It wasn’t until I was showing her my garden that I realized how Ontarian she has become.

I was showing her the bee hive, feeding her peas, raspberries, beans and carrots, and she says to me “Alyson, you really are a West Coast Hippy.”

But, I disagree.  I think that we are hippies by Ontario standards, but we don’t own any patchouli scented products, neither of us have dread locks, and we own an awful lot of electronics. And none of my clothes are tie-died.


Does the meaning of hippie differ depending on what part of the country you’re from?

What do you consider to be the definition of a hippie?


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It’s hot today

I feel like my plants look today – a little wilted from the sun.

Driving around doing errands doesn’t leave me much time for gardening.

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Yesterday Peter said to Jesse: “In Victoria, July makes up for all the other months.”

He was talking about the garden.

And this morning when I went out to see how things were doing, I came back with this:

more beans

And this is how Peter reacted.

green beans

We were both a little surprised at how many beans were out there.  And that’s just the beginning of them!!

There is a combination of Derby Bush Beans and Black Coco Beans.  I think I might leave some to grow to be giant and keep the beans for next year.

They are so tasty.

Peter thinks we should make spicy drinking beans… whatever those are.  If you have any ideas, of what we should do with them, let me know!

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When I first went out to the garden this morning, it yelled at me.



They are exploding all over the garden.

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Garden Oasis

Peter’s always complaining about how the problem about working from home is that he never gets outside.

This morning I went out to the garden and realized I could make him a lovely garden oasis/office.  So, I got out the weadwacker to clear some of the paths that had become a little over grown, pulled some weeds, and hauled over a table and chair from the patio.  Then I went and got a vase and from around the yard put together a nice bouquet of flowers for on the table.

Check out the final result:

work place

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This year

This year I only planted one zucchini plant.

Now I can avoid these monstrosities from last year.

Now I can avoid these monstrosities from last year.

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Says Peter

“The raspberries are coming off the vine now, and the peas are almost finished. Soon we’ll see the beans and tomatos. Time for more planting.”

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