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Things to do with honey

Sweeten whipped cream.  Even if you don’t make your own honey.  It is so good.

Whip about 1 cup of whipping cream to soft peaks.

Drizzle in a spoonful of honey.  My spoon full was maybe 1 1/2 Tbsp or so.  I didn’t measure.

Add a splash of vanilla.

Whip until desired stiffness is achieved.

Lick the beater.

Call in your husband/boyfriend/whoever can hear you to come taste the deliciousness.

Don’t eat it all before you serve desert.

Try to resist re-dipping the spoon you just licked into the whipped cream if you’re serving it to others.

Goes very nicely with this recipe which is also partially sweetened with honey.


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Garden update

The turnips are growing.

Something ate all the leaves off of my brussel sprouts.

Still have to pull out the old squash that I left in there.

The scarlett runner beans are STILL producing.  They are insane.  Gotta go pick some beans again.

Next year: don’t leave it so late to clean up the garden.  Working in the mud isn’t as much fun as I had hoped.

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Potato fail

Things I didn’t realize about potatoes:  they turn green in the sun and they start to sprout in the kitchen.

How on earth am I supposed to keep potatoes from one year to the next?  We left them unwittingly outside in a bucket so that they would dry out, but then they turned green.   It turns out green potatoes are poisonous.  DON’T EAT THEM!  Only the green part, though, not the whole thing.  Also, our potatoes are really wormy.  Which, combined with the green-ness of them means that when we go to eat our potatoes, we have to do a lot of cutting.  And, let’s be honest here, Peter and I are lazy.  The less work something takes the better.   And now they’re sprouting!  I mean, come on!  I don’t think there’s much more an that could go wrong with them.  Green, wormy and sprouting.

After much chopping, Peter did manage to turn them into amazing mashed potatoes last night.  He learned the secret from a crazy Irishman who accosted him about barbecue chicken in a San Fransisco pub last week.  Delicious potatoes, though.  Simply delicious.

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Slow-roasted tomatoes

One of the blogs I follow frequently is Smitten Kitchen.  She has wonderful recipes with non-complicated ingredients and beautiful pictures.

Way back in the summertime, she posted a recipe for slow-roasted tomatoes.  I filed it away in the back of my brain to save for now-ish when my counter of tomatoes is starting to dwindle as is my determination to eat them all.

So, this aternoon I turned on the oven, sliced enough tomatoes in half to cover a cookie sheet, drizzled them with olive oil and cracked some salt and pepper over top.  They looked delicious and I hadn’t even put them in the oven!  I can barely wait the 2 more hours so that I can boil some noodles, toss them with some butter and parmasan and slide the tomatoes on top.  It’s making me hungry already.

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Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s raining again.

So far it is still dry inside, but living in a basement leads to a certain nervousness that comes with so much rain.  Will this be the time that the water comes in?  Occassionally I go out and scout around the house and make sure there is no pooling water and that the gutters are still running freely.

What other tips do you have about keeping rain out of the house?

On a garden related note – I am hoping to plant some garlic this weekend.  Hopefully it won’t be raining too hard!

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This year I grew some pie pumpkins in the garden.  For those who don’t know, normal Jack-o-lantern pumpkins taste terrible.  Pie pumpkins (or sugar pumpkins) are delicious and sweet.  My plan was to grow some, turn them into delicious treats, save some of the seeds and then grow them again.

Hallowe’en rolled around and I really wanted to carve a pumpkin but just couldn’t convince myself that buying a pumpkin for one night was worth it.  Instead I decided to use a couple of the garden pumpkins.  But I couldn’t just carve them and compost them, I had to time it right so that I carved it and then roasted it.  So, I carved it on Hallowe’en itself and roasted it the next day.

A bunch of my friends came over to carve pumpkins with me and we ended up with some beautiful jack-o-lanterns:

This one is the pumpkin from the garden.  I carved Carol from Where the Wild Things Are.


This one is Taylor’s creation.  It’s titled: Mexican Jumping Bean Falls in Love with Palm Tree.

Jumping Bean

This is a Kathleen/Alix creation of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Lindsay’s classic pumpkin creation.  With ears.Classic with Ears

Moss wanted to look back to pumpkin carving’s roots and came with a turnip and a pumpkin.  His creation became: Pumpkin Earth and Turnip Moon.  Also, he saved the scrapings from the turnip and we cooked them up and ate them with some butter and salt and pepper.  It was delicious.

Pumpkin world and turnip moon

Last but not least, Brad carved The Flying Dutchman.

Flying Dutchman

And then I roasted Carol.

Roasting Carol

To do this, all I did was slice my pumpkin in half, drizzle each half with olive oil, put it cut side down on a foil lined baking sheet and put it in the oven at 350 F until it was soft when I poked it with my finger.  (Aboug 45 min)

When it cooled I scraped out the flesh with a spoon and popped it into the freezer.  It’ll keep in the fridge for about 3 days or so, but you should use it up pretty quickly or freeze it.

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A while back now we were spoiled with a plethora of salmon that our friend caught.  We barbecued it, we seared it, we baked it and we turned it into soup.  And OHMYGOODNESS I never got tired of it.  Nothing is quite as good as fresh fish.  Except maybe that same fresh fish served up with veggies from the garden.  Nom nom nom.

So…. from start to finish, I present….. DELICIOUS SALMON!

Fish numero uno

Fish numero dos

removing the bones


The remnants

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