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Well, this blog is slowly degenerating from having to do with gardening, to things that I do in general.  I’m sure I’ll get back to the gardening side of things as soon as I get back to gardening!  There’s just not much going on right now.

One of those other things that I do is look at things on Etsy.  It’s just what I do.  If you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, it’s kind of like a giant craft fair.  Online.  With beautiful and amazing (and sometimes ugly and tragic things).

My discovery of the day:  Post‘s tattoo socks.  There are so many I’m drooling over!  But the selection I will share with you are the butterfly knee socks and the follow me knee socks.  They have full tights too, but I’m loving the knobbly knees of the knee socks.  Just look at them!

Butterfly Knee socks by PostFollow Me Knee Socks by Post


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Sending Haiti Hope

The earthquake in Haiti has made me think back to the two weeks I spent there in 2000.  I hope that all the people I met there are okay.

Thought I would share this picture from that trip with you.  I hope that that sign has somehow survived.

Yes. Practice makes effort.

If you would like to help, you can text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross relief efforts.  It’s easy and it simply shows up on your phone bill.  Supporting the people down there couldn’t be easier.

Edit: Apparently that doesn’t work.  I guess it’s only in the states.  But, you can still donate to the Canadian Red Cross relief effort by going here https://www.paypaq.com/redcross/new/index.php Sorry about the miss information.

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Kitten and Mitten

My sweet kitten and my warm fuzzy mitten.

I had a worrisome day today, walked home from town, shook off my mittens and drank a cup of tea.  Pixel (the aforementioned sweet kitten, well less of a kitten and more of a cat, but that just doesn’t rhyme.) came over and was sniffing my mittens.  By the time I grabbed the camera, she had just given up and was cleaning herself instead, but it was cute while it lasted.  this was the best I got.  All in all, a good end to an iffy day.

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Finally done!

I just finished a pseudo top-secret project.  I can say that it took me many months of knitting.  However, I can’t tell you any more details because I still have to give it to that special recipient!  But it’s so beautiful that my heart is a little sad in giving it away.  It just means I have to make something similar for myself.  I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I can’t say when you will see pictures – it sort of depends on how fast Canada Post makes things travel.  Also, my lovely lady-friends need to see it before I pop it in the mail.  I might even splurge and pay to make it go faster so that I can share it with you all!

love, love, love.


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Porcupine Smores

I am yearning to make these adorable cookies from amateur foodie.  Just look at them!  They are so adorable!  I got a lovely set of animal shaped cookies as a wedding shower gift back in the summer, and I’m feeling the need to get some good use out of them.  I don’t know if I’ll get as far as making the marshmallows and turning them into smores, but I love the idea of making graham cracker animals.

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I went out searching for signs of life in the yard today.  Also, to see what was happening in the garden.  Turns out it is really muddy out there.  I’m going back inside for another month.

Winter Ternips

The turnips I'm growing in the wintertime. Something has been nibbling at them.

Passion Flower Bud

This passionflower vine has been blooming all winter long. I don't konw when the flowers open. They seem to be constantly opening and closing, and I only see them some of the time. When I do, they're worth the wait.

Little Yellow Flowers

These little yellow flowers seemed to feel the same way I did this morning: not sure if they should be outside this time of year.

Garden Greenery

This little bit of rambling rock greenery grows all year round. It sits out there on the rocks and lets me know that not everything is brown at the moment. I simply adore all the shades of green.

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Dear World

Dear World,

I do not like mice in my apartment.  I also don’t like a dripping ceiling.  Seriously.  We live in the basement.  There is only a small fraction of our ceiling that is open to the world.  And you had to go and make it leak.

Please stop pestering me now.



ps.  Pixel – my toes are not things to be pounced upon!

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