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Happy Weekend

I hope you all had a good week.

For your Friday afternoon entertainment:


I love the simplicity of this website.  I also am smitten with this entry in particular.

This weekend we are hoping to have our house organized so our new roommates can move in!  Yay!

Then we only have a couple of weeks until we leave for San Francisco.  I’m am so excited!


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and life has been busy here in Victoria.

My wonderful mother passed away in early February.  The one and the same who taught me how to garden.  I will miss her terribly.  I took the West Coast seed catalogue with me to the hospital and read things about seeds to her in her last few hours.  We were both dreaming of plants for a little bit.

Also, Peter and I are moving to San Francisco.  So, I’ve been busy getting organized for that.

Sadly, moving means, probably, no garden for me.  I’m hoping to do some container gardening still, and have a little outdoors space, but  we’ll see what we can find.

I went snowshoeing this past weekend instead of going to the Victoria Seedy Saturday, which was tragic.  It’s one of my favorite gardening events.  And BRIAN MINTER was going to be there!  So sad.  Snoeshoeing was fun, though.  Look:  I even got a bird to land on my hand!

A bird in the hand...

(Photo courtesy of Shaun Scandrett)

All in all, I don’t know how much gardening will get done over the next little while (although I do have to do something with those turnips out in the garden!).  And as such, this may become a random things that Alyson is thinking about kind of blog for a while.  But I will try to keep track of what I’m doing related to gardening as well.

Wish me luck in moving south!!!


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Glorious Muffins

This is my all-time favorite muffin recipe.  It’s the kind that lets me open my fridge, stare into its depths and see what I can use to make them.  I call them the Chameleon Muffins.  Because they are different every time I make them.

Chameleon Muffin

The ones I made this morning happen to be of the orange-strawberry variety.  I was hoping for orange-blackberry, but I forgot that I used up all my summer blackberries in a crumble a couple of weeks ago.

The strawberries were big and they left holes of ooze in the muffins and oozed all over the outside too, slightly caramelizing in the heat of the oven.  So delicious.  A sweet orangy muffin filled with pockets of summer strawberry delight.

The great thing about these muffins is the versatility of the recipe.  Pick a flavor of yoghurt, pick a citrus fruit, pick a kind of berry.  Mix them all together and you get something delicious.  I used some of the plain yoghurt I’d made with the orange and strawberries for these.

Here is that lovely recipe:

The Chameleon muffin

1/2 cup plain yogurt

3 Tbsp vegetable oil

3 Tbsp citrus juice

1 egg

mix the above together in a bowl.  Set aside.

In a separate bowl mix together:

1 1/2 cup flour

3/4 cup sugar (I often cut this back to 1/2 cup.  Otherwise they are awfully sweet.  Depends on the fruit a bit, though.)

2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp grated citrus zest

Mix wet into dry ingredients until just combined.

Gently fold in 1 cup of frozen berries.

Bake in 400 F oven for about 15 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

The original recipe called for plain yoghurt, lemon and raspberry.  It was so good.  I have no idea now where this recipe came from, so I can’t credit anybody, but it’s beyond delicious.

Fresh muffin

So good.  If a little hot.

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Gasp!  How could they!  Was the first thought when I saw this photo and I immediately needed to show it to someone else.

And since Peter is currently making me supper in the kitchen, you were the next in line.

And now you need to click the link and follow to the site.   ‘Cause I always enjoy her posts and her name is Alyson too!  Spelled just like I do!

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It’s Been a While

And I’ve grown some walrus teeth.

Also, we’re moving to San Francisco, which will mean a whole different kind of gardening.  Stay tuned for more thoughts about that!

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