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The trouble with having a car in San Francisco is finding a place to park it.  We knew when we began our apartment hunt that we wouldn’t necessarily need a place with parking.  Sure, added bonus, but we certainly weren’t going to pay for it.  The plan was that after a month or so, I would drive the car back up to BC, sell it and then fly back down.

However… that leaves us with one month to find parking for the car.

For the first two weeks, we have been super lucky in that Matt and Dana have been letting us keep it at their place.  Now, it’s up to us to find parking.  And it is super competitive.

Sure, we could cave and pay the $50 to get a neighbourhood parking pass that allows us to park on the street in front of our house, but even then, there’s no guarantee that there will be a spot.  So, Peter and I decided to be cheapskates (I mean after all, I’ll be taking the car back home in a couple of weeks) and try to find street parking in the very competitive spots that aren’t time limited.  There’s a bunch around by our apartment building.  Over a block or two in a few directions, but as soon as a spot is vacated, it is taken by a driver by trying to do the same thing we are – find a spot.

Back to today.  Today, I went and picked up a rug for our place.  Found it on craigslist.  Had to drive to go pick it up.  Knowing that I was going to be doing this today, Peter left the car in a 2 hour parking spot.  Which I had to go move once, but that was no biggy.  I drove back with a plan to drive along the block that was open ended parking, and see if I got lucky.  If not I would simply park in the 2 hour parking, take the rug inside, and then go drive around the block for an hour or so until I found a spot.  But, today is my lucky day!  I found a spot not one block from our place!!!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I have a new rug and an AMAZING parking spot!  That’s it.  We’re not allowed to drive the car anywhere until it’s street cleaning day (which happens for 2 hours once a week).

I hope the sun is equally shining on all of you and that you also find great parking spots (or whatever it is you are looking for today).

Time to go drink some iced tea I made with bergamot mint from the farmer’s market.



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The other day I walked down the street and found a coffee shop called Central Coffee.  I wanted to find some green coffee beans so that we could start roasting our own again.  I asked at the counter and I guess I was lucky enough to have the owner, Ali, (or so I assume) be the one to help me out.  He was super nice and we started chatting.

I couldn’t help but think that Peter had to meet him.

We talked about coffee beans and how he doesn’t usually sell green ones, but could  maybe pick us up some.  And we talked about moving here and what there was to do around here.

And then he gave me a coupon for free coffee for the week.

Peter and I are here again today and Peter just met Ali.  They talked for half an hour about coffee beans and Canadian politics.



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Yesterday was my first adventure in trying to set up a group of people that I know in San Francisco.  So far, I know the people that Peter knows.  They are the ones we hang out with.  And I like them.  I definitely consider them to be good friends.  However, there’s something to be said about having my own social group.  People I can go hang out with when Peter is off playing video games late at work or something.

When Peter and I decided that we were going to move here, one of the first thing I thought was “what about Tuesday night knitting?!”.  You ladies know who you are.  I miss you dreadfully.

So, last week, I hopped onto Ravelry and attempted to find a knitting group in my neighbourhood.  I discovered slippin’ on the corner which is a group that meets on Tuesday nights at a coffee shop just a 10 minute walk from my place.  I went last night and found a small group of four knitters sitting drinking tea.  Perfect.  A small enough group that I can actually get to know them and not get lost in the fray.  They were lovely, and I finished the whole front panel of Peter’s sweater.  I can’t wait to go again next week.

We talked about hockey (!), teaching (one of them is a teacher), knitting and farmer’s markets.

I still miss my lovely girls back home, but I’m looking forward to having a new group of Tuesday night ladies to chill with.

Happy Wednesday!


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Peter and I hoped onto his bike yesterday (I road in dutch style on the back) and headed over to the farmer’s market just a few blocks from our place that happens every Sunday.  Just as we turned the corner from our place, we found a garage sale just being set up with a whole bunch of furniture!  We picked up a great big dresser, a coffee table, an end table, a dining room table and chairs and a cute little desk that is now sitting in the bay window of our place.  It was great to meet some more of our neighbours and to pick up some new furniture!

Down at the farmer’s market, we meandered around the stalls, got some carrots, strawberries (they’re in season already down here!), onions, artichokes, some amazingly delicious chocolates, some salad mix and some bergamot mint.  I have great dreams of making some English Breakfast tea and putting in a squeeze of lemon and some bergamot mint and making some iced tea.  Doesn’t that sound delightful?  We followed up our farmer’s market excursion with a stop at our favorite bicycle cafe, Mojo.

Farmer's market vegetables

The weather is still amazing here.  The sun is shining, and it’s been consistently 20 C in the day time.  After shleping our new furniture finds up the 50-or-so stairs to our apartment, we hopped on to Peter’s bicycle again and rode off to meet some friends for a very late brunch of Dim Sum over in the Richmond.  Peter and I rode leisurely through the park.  I wish I had a picture of the two of us riding together.  We stopped to look at an estate sale, and found a beautiful baby grand piano, that was sadly already sold.  I would be delighted at having a baby grand in our apartment.

Delicious strawberries

Brunch was delicious, and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping with friends.

Peter found us a futon and a projector (which we’re going to try instead of a tv).

All in all, a very accomplished day.  Now I’m sitting at the coffee shop waiting for my laundry to be done next door.

I’ve got to get back into the swing of studying for the Anatomy and Physiology course that I’m taking and find my rhythm here in the city.


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I failed to buy any plants on my excursion.

Hopefully I’ll find something delightful at the local farmer’s market on Sunday.  I’m really hoping for a lemon or lime tree.

I’d settle for another coffee plant.

However!  I did get a shower curtain and Peter found me a phone!  He’s a wonderful husband.


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We have our new place with a big ol’ kitchen and 2 large rooms, and the most sun comes into the bathroom!

Our apartment-mates seem to be lovely so far.  We’ve met some of them in the garden out back.

Here are some pictures so far, I’ll post more as they come.

This is our spacious living room.  Erm… I guess right now it’s my yoga/lunch room.  We have no furniture yet besides our bed.

Check out the colour of the sky in this next picture!  It’s been like this every day here except for one when it poured with rain.

Also, this room has a giant closet off of it that is so big, you could fit a bed in it!  In fact, rumor has it that the previous tenants had their toddler’s bed in there!

This is our one and only piece of furniture right now.  An Ikea find, to be sure.  You should have seen us drive from Ikea over the Bay Bridge with the bed and the mattress crammed into our little car.  I actually made a woman walking on the sidewalk laugh as she looked up and saw me squished between the window and the mattress in the passenger seat.  I waved, she laughed.

I splurged and bought us a nice duvet cover.  It has sweet little buttons on the edge of it .  I was trying to figure out what kind of flowers are on it.  Marigolds?  Carnations?  Something I haven’t considered yet?

Our bedroom is the smaller of the two rooms, but there are double doors between the two rooms and we have plans to get a projector to use as a tv and project onto the wall that’s opposite our bed in the living room.  Then on lazy nights we can open the doors and watch a movie while lazing around.

Sadly, I haven’t taken any better photos of the kitchen yet.  We have some great built in cupboards and shelves.  They’re so tall that I can’t reach the top cupboard to open it, much less put something in there!  I want to find a Library Chair – a chair that turns into a ladder and back.  Also, we have a big window in the kitchen that is currently broken with a one inch gap at the top.  The only way to keep it open is to prop it open with this mug that the previous tenants left.  We’re getting a new window put in, but we have to wait 10 days for it to be ordered.  In the mean time, I hope it doesn’t rain too much!

Today I’m going to meander down and go to a plant shop I keep seeing to pick up some greenery for out little place.  Wish me luck!


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Pine nuts!

Look for pictures tomorrow!  Today Peter and I went and explored our neighbourhood with some of our favourite San Franciscans!  There’s a lot to do here and I’m really excited about a coffee shop not too far away that hosts a knitting night on Tuesdays (yes ladies, I continue the tradition!) and games night on Wednesdays!  They occasionally do movie nights as well.

I officially have a phone number here now, however, I do not yet have a phone for it 🙂  It’s still just a sim card.  But Peter has a phone, so that has to count for something.  Hopefully soon, then I can call you all on the phone!


ps.  Did I mention that our building has a facebook group?!  There are 10 apartments here, and some of the people have lived here for 30 or 40 years!  One guy planted a sapling Italian pine tree that is now huge.  The pinecones actually have edible pine nuts in them and Peter and I ate a fresh  pine nut from our backyard!  How cool is that?!  Also, next to our front door is a music school called Mr. Natural’s, and Mr. Natural actually lives in our building.  He has a beard about 1 mile long, and seems quite entertaining.  I would take music lessons from him for sure.  We’ll see if I can convince him to give me a discount 🙂

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