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Number of caterpillars squished: 8

Number of cats petted: 2

Number of walls painted: 6

Number of days left in Victoria: 1.5

Items left on to-do list: 13


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Not that today is one of those days for me, but this just fit so perfectly with how I feel some days that you have to read it now too.

And that is all.

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D.I.Y. Honey


I wish this wasn’t just a design project, but something I could actually purchase!

Lately I have been missing in action because I was participating in this ridiculous event.

I have been priming the walls in hopes of painting before I go back to San Francisco.

I have been visiting with friends and family.

I hope you are all having a lovely week.

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I’m thinking that hot cranberry lemon scones are the perfect way to start a sunny Friday.


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Thinking about bees

Swiss Miss just posted this video about bees which you should all take the time to watch.  I wish I was still living here so I could keep bees again.  I miss them.  Watching this video made me want to cry – can you imagine a world without honeybees?  It would be devastating.

On Vancouver Island, we have been very lucky since a 1988 quarantine was imposed to try to keep our bees disease free.  It has been very successful, and Vancouver Island is one of the last mostly disease free havens.   However, the government just dropped the quarantine.  Dastardly!  Now how are we going to protect our bees?

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Tent Caterpillars

Warning! This post is not appropriate for toddlers or children or even adults who like to save fuzzy caterpillars.

Ugh.  Sometimes being a gardener is disgusting.  Like yesterday, when I discovered a bunch of tent caterpillars on the little apple tree.  There are lots on the big apple tree too, but I’m ignoring those because the last time we did something with those, it involved a long pvc pipe, a blow torch, some duct tape and someone standing by with the hose.

Back to yesterday:


I remember when I was little and I used to love finding these caterpillars.  I would be so sad when I saw them on the sidewalk and they had been stepped on.  I would do the funny little dance of trying to step over them all on my walk to school (I would do this same funny dance when it rained a lot and all the worms were out.  But that’s because I was grossed out by the worms).

flaming caterpillars

I was so grossed out by having to light these on fire.  I wish that I had noticed them before the eggs had hatched.  If I had, you wouldn’t have seen me lighting individual caterpillars on fire, yelling expletives and running away from the apple tree yesterday.

burning the nest.

I felt so cruel!  But, my apples.  I can’t have caterpillars eating my apple tree.  I want those apples!


burnt caterpillar tent

And then, of course, there were so many caterpillars in the grass that had fallen out of the tree.  They kept trying to make a break for the tree to climb back up and eat those leaves.  ARGH!  TAKE THAT CATERPILLARS!  BLOOOOOOOWWWWW  TOOOOORCHHHHHH!

Caterpillars in the grass

Moral of the story: pay attention to your fruit trees and try to burn tent caterpillar nests before the eggs hatch.

(Pictures courtesy of Taylor, who was my moral support, trusty caterpillar pointerouter, and photographer throughout the whole ordeal.)

Also, I still feel like I have caterpillars crawling on my neck.


ps.  I was telling a lovely friend of mine about this ordeal and how I was going to write about it.  She said “I love your blog.  It is delicious, delightful, and sometimes disgusting.”  I think this could be my new tagline.

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My favourite place in town to get licorice is The Wooden Shoe – a dutch import store in the Quadra Village.  I went in yesterday and got interviewed for the news.  How did that even happen?!?  At least I came out with licorice, Hopjes, Stropje, and Vlasska cheese.  A delicious stop on my run of errands.


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