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Do Fun Stuff

Do Fun Stuff

This is a really cute kids album for an excellent cause.  A blog I’ve been following for a couple of years.  You can check it out here.

Also, the artwork?  A monster eating ice cream?  How perfect is that.  How I wish that I knew how to make the iframe thing work ’cause I would love to have that widget here.  Silly wordpress.  Why won’t you work for me?  Ah well.  Go check out that album if you have kids or if you know someone who has kids or if you like kids music.  It’s great.


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House Plants

I have some new family members!

Cordelia the dishidiaProfile of Cordelia the Dishida

This is my strange new plant Cordelia the Dishidia.  She is an air plant and lives in the shower where she gets frequently misted.

Lipstick Plant

This is my lipstick plant.  I wanted to get a long dangly one to put up above my kitchen cabinets, but the man at the hardware sold me on this variegated version instead.  It was only $5.  The other one was $20.  The choice was clear.  I have time to wait for this one to grow into what the other one is.  Don’t have a name for this plant yet.  I’m leaning towards Bruce.  Any suggestions?

Les ChivesBasil

These kitchen herbs (chives and basil) live on my kitchen sill.  I haven’t named them since I frequently chop them up and eat them.  Naming them just seamed cruel.

I read that Jasmine is good for the quality of sleep you get and also for helping you focus when you study.  Both of which sounded useful, so I picked up a plant.  My thought was that I’d find a cute little stool for it to sit on in the bedroom, but the second-hand store didn’t have anything when I was there.  I’ll keep looking.  For now, it’s sitting on a chair beside the bed.  Name suggestions for this one?


My lemon tree, Janine, has two new lemons!  This plant is currently undergoing a serious growth spurt.  She has sprouts all over the place!  I’m hoping that these lemons hang on and actually turn yellow.   They’re almost lemon sized already, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

What are your favourite house plants?


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